The Sun wot done it

Re-live our amazing election coverage through the years

The Sun

The Sun has delivered its election verdicts with these two fantastic front pages today.

In our English edition we’ve decreed that “It’s a Tory!”, while the Scottish Sun has given Nicola Sturgeon a Star Wars make-over.

Osborne said: “I almost spilt my coffee this morning when I read the front page of The Sun.

“What’s great is that they have always got a way of bringing life to the Budget and it’s the geniuses of The Sun who can come up with that front page.”

But it’s not the first time we’ve breathed new life into a political story.

And when it comes to delivering the best election coverage, you can bet it was The Sun wot wrote it.

From Maggie’s win in 1979, to Kinnock’s defeat in 1992, and Tony Blair’s 1997 victory, our iconic front pages have literally written history.

Here we bring you the best examples of our election coverage through the decades.

1) The first day of the rest of our lives – May 3, 1979

the first day of the rest of our lives

For 10 years The Sun backed Labour, but changed tack in 1979, urging voters to “Vote Tory this time” – throwing our weight behind Margaret Thatcher.

2) Number Ten, Maggie’s den – May 5, 1979

number 10 maggies den

Our front page marks the start of Thatcher’s 15 year reign – with a triumphant picture of the new PM outside No 10.

3) Vote For Maggie – June 9, 1983

vote for maggie

The Sun backs another term of Tories – with a cartoon of Maggie as Britannia.

4) The Great Maggie Massacre – June 10, 1983

the great maggie massacre

We reveal how Thatcher stormed her way through to another term with a whopping 140 seat majority.

5) Three Times A Lady – June 11, 1987

three times a lady

On election day, the Sun predicts that Maggie will win her third term in office.

6) Maggie The Third – June 12, 1987

maggie the third

We’re proved right as Maggie wins a hat trick.

7) If Kinnock Wins Today… April 9, 1992

if kinnock wins today

It’s 1992 and Conservative candidate John Major is up against Labour’s Neil Kinnock, after Maggie’s resignation in 1990. It’s thought that this front page was crucial to securing a Tory win.

8) It’s The Sun Wot Won It – April 11, 1992

its the son wot won it

Even Tory MPs concede that our front page helped Major to victory.

9) The Sun Backs Blair – March 18, 1997

the sun backs blair

More than 20 years since we backed Labour, the paper throws its weight behind Tony Blair.

10) It Must Be You – May 1, 1997

it must be you

We pick Blair out as the next PM.

11) New Kids On The Block – May 3, 1997

new kids on the block

Tony Blair and wife Cherie pose up with their young kids Euan, Nicky and Kathryn outside of No 10.

12) Don’t Let Us Down, Tony, June 7, 2001

dont let us down tony

After Tony wins another Premiership, we urge him not to let the British public down.

13) One Last Chance, April 21, 2005

one last chance

In an imaginative stunt, The Sun mimics the selection of a new Pope by turning the smoke from the Wapping chimney red to show its support for Labour in the 2005 general election.

14) Yes Or Gnome? April 26, 2005

yes or gnome

After a rather dull lead up to 2005’s election, we inject a bit of fun by imagining the three leaders as red-faced garden gnomes.

15) Come On You Reds, May 5, 2005

come on you reds

Tony Blair and his chancellor Gordon Brown are pictured outside No10 in football shirts, as we issue a rallying cry for Blair’s third term.

16) A Kick In The Ballots, May 6, 2005

a kick in the ballots

Blair wins a third term but his Labour governing majority is slashed by nearly 100 seats.

17) Labour’s Lost It, September 30, 2009

labours lost it

We drop our support for Labour and back the Conservatives.

18) Our Only Hope, May 6, 2010

our only hope

David Cameron gets the Obama treatment ahead of the 2010 election.

19) Squatter Holed Up In No 10, May 8, 2010

squatter holed up in no 10

Cameron wins the most seats, but not enough to form a majority government. We brand Gordon Brown a “squatter” as he stays on at No 10.

20) Going Brown, May 11, 2010

going brown

After Brown reveals that he will quit office, The Sun is glad to see the back of him.

21) Dave New World, May 12, 2010

dave new world

David Cameron is officially our new PM, and he arrives at No 10 with his pregnant wife Sam.

22) Bring Us Sunshine, May 13, 2010

bring us sunshine

After a Lib-Con coalition is announced, we make-over new PM Cameron, and Deputy PM Nick Clegg as Eric and Ernie.


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