The Sun Says: It’s a Tory!

Why The Sun is backing the Conservatives

Its a Tory

A week today, Britain could be plunged into the abyss.

A fragile left-wing Labour minority, led by Ed Miliband and his union paymasters and supported by the wreckers of the Scottish National Party, could take power.

If it survived, it is committed to a doomed experiment with the socialist lunacy we all thought had been buried alongside the carnage it caused in the 1970s. So much of what Britain has achieved through hard graft since 2010 could be destroyed.

You can stop this. But only by voting Tory.

That may not appeal. You may still be considering Ukip. But every Ukip vote, especially in the South, brings a Labour/SNP nightmare closer by eroding Tory chances.

If you’re among the 20 per cent of voters still picking a side, don’t swallow the Left’s ridiculous propaganda about the Tories.

David Cameron and his party have not got everything right. They are too aloof. Wages are too low. But austerity was not designed by callous Tory toffs to punish the poor, as left-wingers childishly claim.

Cuts were essential to rescue Britain from the catastrophe left by Miliband and his party last time they were in power.

The Tories took this broken economy and turned it into the envy of the Western world.

Two million jobs created. Unemployment miraculously low. Business taxes down. Inflation at ZERO. Pay rises perking up again. Consumer confidence soaring.

This was not inevitable. It happened because the Tories were serious about cutting costs, helping private firms to flourish and getting people off the dole and into jobs.

International economists who once doubted Chancellor George Osborne have apologised and congratulated him.

Labour was proved wrong at every turn.

The Tories did fail to cut immigration. But they remain the only major party committed to a referendum on the EU. If Britain votes “out”, we can control our borders again.

And yes, Cameron is a wealthy Old Etonian. But he took millions of the low-paid out of tax — and taxes the rich MORE than Labour did during almost all of its years in power.

Conspiracy theorists like Russell Brand, the 39-year-old teenager, believe The Sun backs the Tories because we are all part of some evil elite behind every bad thing ever.

Here’s the real reason:

Because this time they are by far the best bet for the prosperity and happiness of millions of ordinary people who  read The Sun.

It really is that simple.


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