“F**k off and die”: Watch Boris’ X-rated rant to cabbie

The Mayor of London's late-night tirade caught on camera - see the video below

Boris shouts at the cabbie: Scroll down for the video
Boris shouts at the cabbie: Scroll down for the video

Motor-mouth MP Boris Johnson bawls at a cabbie to “f**k off and die” in a late night tirade caught on camera.

Boris bit back from his bicycle after a passing driver apparently accused him of failing to protect the city’s famous black cab industry.

Boris Baited

The cabbie shouted: “You’re one of them mate. That’s what you are. One of them.”

The footage, sent by an eye witness to The Sun, shows the much-loved London Mayor stopping his bike and firing back: “Why don’t you f**k off and die, why don’t you f**k off and die – and not in that order.”

The cheeky cabbie then drives away yelling: “Yeah bollocks, I hope you die.”

Boris, who turns 51 on Friday is wearing a distinctive yellow helmet with his trademark blonde mop poking out at the sides and a smart charcoal suit.

Watch the full video:

Earlier that day he had been to meet staff working on the construction of London’s new Crossrail network.

A few words in return

A close source to Boris said that he had felt obliged to offer a few “choice words” after coming under attack.

The source said: “Boris has dozens of chance conversations with Londoners every week. Many are productive and friendly, some are colourful, I know most end happily.

“I believe this particular cabbie however is a serial heckler.”

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Boris has lots of friendly interactions with Londoners (PA)
Boris has lots of friendly interactions with Londoners (PA)

He added: “He offered Boris a few choice words. Boris felt obliged to offer him a few in return.

“And off they went.”

Just two grown men in the middle of the night

The general secretary of LTDA (Licenced Taxi Drivers Association) laughed off news of the heated exchange, which took place as Boris was cycling down Saint John Street in Islington, north London, at just after 12.20am on Friday, June 5.

Steve McNamara, general secretary of the Licensed Taxi Drivers Association (LTDA)  (Getty)
Steve McNamara, general secretary of the Licensed Taxi Drivers Association (LTDA) (Getty)

Steve McNamara said: “They are two grown men and it was the middle of the night so there were no kids around – I don’t think much harm was done.

“I don’t suppose that the cabbie went home that night and cried himself to sleep.”

Calm down BoJo

The onlooker, who filmed the row on his iPhone, said that Boris looked “furious” as he cycled off after the exchange.

The man, who does not want to be named, said: “Maybe if he is going to be the next Prime Minister he should calm things down a bit.”

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Calm down BoJo, you’re not doing yourself any favours

The Mayor was told last month that the death of London’s black cab trade would die “on his watch” if he didn’t change the laws to stop controversial car-booking smartphone app Uber.

At an industry meeting he was accused of lacking “the guts” to stand up to Uber, which is blamed for putting hundreds of cabbies out of work in recent months.

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