Cam Cam: See life through PM’s eyes in our World Exclusive video

David Cameron has put Britain in his shoes by wearing a spy camera for #SunNation’s world exclusive ‘A Day in the Life’ video.

In a first for a Western leader, the PM wore the tiny device on the walk from his limo to his 10 Downing Street study so voters can see what it feels like to be the nation’s most powerful man.

The fascinating behind the scenes footage reveals never-seen-before moments from the Prime Minister’s gruelling day of back to back meetings and interviews about umpteen different subjects.



Don’t have time to watch our astonishing interview in full? Watch a day with Dave in just 68 seconds

It starts at 6am, as Mr Cameron tackles important documents of state in his Red Box at the kitchen table, alongside his children’s paint brushes, as they sleep.

And the 13 hour working day ends with his weary walk up two flights of stairs to the Cameron’s family flat above No 11.


During the day – last Tuesday – we also caught Mr Cameron on film doling out a withering dressing down to his Chief Whip Michael Gove for arriving at Cabinet late.

The senior Cabinet Minister, who had been fixing himself a bacon sandwich, is a serial offender at the PM’s weekly meetings of his top ministers, having fallen foul of Mr Cameron last month when his mobile went off.

Halfway through, Cameron made The Sun his favourite snack – Sardines a la Cameron – and talked us through his breakneck schedule.

He also offered his most open comments so far on his relationship with The Queen and the huge inspiration she offers him.

The PM has a formal half an hour audience with the 88-year-old monarch every Tuesday or Wednesday, where he runs her through the three big issues of the week for the Government.

Mr Cameron also joked about his infamous Royal gaffe when he revealed Her Majesty “purred down the line” to him when he revealed the Scots referendum result to her, saying: “I’m not going to make that mistake again”.

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